About Us

Mitra Industries is a leading sheet metal manufacturer and aluminium profiles fabricator in Indonesia. Founded in 1990 as a powder coating service company, Mitra Industry diversified into general metal pipe works and sheet metal manufacturing. Our aim is to provide our customer with innovative products made by high precision engineering and cost effective process.

What We Can Do For You

We can provide our customer a comprehensive solution for customize sheet metal manufacturing, general metal forming and welding, aluminium fabrication, powder coating service and final complex assembly. We work together with our customers to achieve lower costs, more effective design, and a more efficiently manufactured product.

Contact Us

Our manufacturing plant is located in Delta Silicon Industrial Park - Lippo Cikarang - West Java - Indonesia, about 1.5 hour travel from Jakarta Airport. Our sales office and products showroom is located in Ruko Robson which also located in Lippo Cikarang - Indonesia. We operate in Australia through our sales office in Rockdale - Sydney, please go to contact us for more details.